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Monitoring Akkoma

If you run akkoma, you may be inclined to collect metrics to ensure your instance is running smoothly, and that there's nothing quietly failing in the background.

To facilitate this, akkoma exposes prometheus metrics to be scraped.


See: export_prometheus_metrics

To scrape prometheus metrics, we need an oauth2 token with the admin:metrics scope.

consider using constanze to make this easier -

constanze token --client-app --scopes "admin:metrics" --client-name "Prometheus"

or see scripts/ in the source tree for the process to get this token.

Once you have your token of the form Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN, you can use that in your prometheus config:

- job_name: akkoma
  scheme: https
    credentials: $ACCESS_TOKEN # this should have the bearer prefix removed
  metrics_path: /api/v1/akkoma/metrics
  - targets: