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Static Directory

Static frontend files are shipped with Akkoma. If you want to overwrite or update these without problems during upgrades, you can write your custom versions to the static directory.

You can find the location of the static directory in the configuration.

config :pleroma, :instance,
  static_dir: "/var/lib/akkoma/static/"
config :pleroma, :instance,
static_dir: "instance/static/"

Alternatively, you can overwrite this value in your configuration to use a different static instance directory.

This document is written using $static_dir as the value of the config :pleroma, :instance, static_dir setting.

If you use a From Source installation and want to manage your custom files in the git repository, you can remove the instance/ entry from .gitignore.


There's a mix tasks to generate a new robot.txt.

For more complex things, you can write your own robots.txt to $static_dir/robots.txt.

E.g. if you want to block all crawlers except for you can use

User-Agent: *
Disallow: /

Allow: /

Allow: /


Add $static_dir/instance/thumbnail.jpeg with your selfie or other neat picture. It will be available on http://your-domain.tld/instance/thumbnail.jpeg and can be used by external applications.

Instance-specific panel

Create and Edit your file at $static_dir/instance/panel.html.


You can change the background of your Akkoma instance by uploading it to $static_dir/, and then changing background in your configuration accordingly.

E.g. if you put $static_dir/images/background.jpg

config :pleroma, :frontend_configurations,
  pleroma_fe: %{
    background: "/images/background.jpg"


Note the extra static folder for the default logo.png location

If you want to give a brand to your instance, You can change the logo of your instance by uploading it to the static directory $static_dir/static/logo.png.

Alternatively, you can specify the path to your logo in your configuration.

E.g. if you put $static_dir/static/mylogo-file.png

config :pleroma, :frontend_configurations,
  pleroma_fe: %{
   logo: "/static/mylogo-file.png"

Terms of Service


Note the extra static folder for the terms-of-service.html

Terms of Service will be shown to all users on the registration page. It's the best place where to write down the rules for your instance. You can modify the rules by adding and changing $static_dir/static/terms-of-service.html.


The favicon will display on the frontend, and in the browser tab.

Place a PNG file at $static_dir/favicon.png to change the favicon. Not that this is one level above where the logo is placed, it should be on the same level as the frontends directory.

Styling rendered pages

To overwrite the CSS stylesheet of the OAuth form and other static pages, you can upload your own CSS file to instance/static/static.css. This will completely replace the CSS used by those pages, so it might be a good idea to copy the one from priv/static/instance/static.css and make your changes.

Overriding pleroma-fe styles

To overwrite the CSS stylesheet of pleroma-fe, you can put a file at $static_dir/static/custom.css containing your styles. These will be loaded with the rest of the CSS.

You will probably have to put !important on most/all your styles to override the default ones, due to the specificity precedence of CSS.