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Managing frontends

./bin/pleroma_ctl frontend install <frontend> [--ref <ref>] [--file <file>] [--build-url <build-url>] [--path <path>] [--build-dir <build-dir>]
mix pleroma.frontend install <frontend> [--ref <ref>] [--file <file>] [--build-url <build-url>] [--path <path>] [--build-dir <build-dir>]

Frontend can be installed either from local zip file, or automatically downloaded from the web.

You can give all the options directly on the command line, but missing information will be filled out by looking at the data configured under frontends.available in the config files.

Currently, known <frontend> values are:

You can still install frontends that are not configured, see below.

Example installations for a known frontend (Stable-Version)

For a frontend configured under the available key, it's enough to install it by name.

./bin/pleroma_ctl frontend install pleroma-fe --ref stable
mix pleroma.frontend install pleroma-fe --ref stable

This will download the latest build for the pre-configured ref and install it. It can then be configured as the one of the served frontends in the config file (see primary or admin).

You can override any of the details. To install an Akkoma-FE build from a different URL, you could do this:

./bin/pleroma_ctl frontend install pleroma-fe --ref 2hu_edition --build-url
mix pleroma.frontend install pleroma-fe --ref 2hu_edition --build-url

Similarly, you can also install from a local zip file.

./bin/pleroma_ctl frontend install pleroma-fe --ref mybuild --file ~/Downloads/
mix pleroma.frontend install pleroma-fe --ref mybuild --file ~/Downloads/

The resulting frontend will always be installed into a folder of this template: ${instance_static}/frontends/${name}/${ref}.

Careful: This folder will be completely replaced on installation.

Example installation for an unknown frontend

The installation process is the same, but you will have to give all the needed options on the command line. For example:

./bin/pleroma_ctl frontend install gensokyo --ref master --build-url https://gensokyo.2hu/builds/
mix pleroma.frontend install gensokyo --ref master --build-url https://gensokyo.2hu/builds/

If you don't have a zip file but just want to install a frontend from a local path, you can simply copy the files over a folder of this template: ${instance_static}/frontends/${name}/${ref}.